Cigna: Physician Effort Yields Promising Results

WellStar has been participating in the Cigna Collaborative Care initiative for approximately six months and there are some key important factors to report. The program’s goals are tied to better managing patients who are complex and chronically ill, engaging in proactive preventative health screening, closing critical gaps in care and addressing over-utilizing patterns.

The annual wellness visit is an ideal time to address many of these important indicators. To achieve success, a collaborative approach between the Network physicians and Population Health Management is critical. We have enrolled 681 patients in case management since inception of the program in July 2018. There are approximately 29,000 patients aligned under the Cigna agreement who are spread across all WellStar markets. This contract will run through June 2021.

Based on the most recent results*, WellStar has earned 11 out of 16 possible quality points, up from eight points since our first reporting period. We’ve made progress across all domains.

CIGNA CAC Program Quality Measure
CIGNA Collaborative Accountable Care (CAC) Program Quality Measure

There remains opportunity for improvement in the areas of:

  • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
  • Poor Diabetic Control (HbA1c > 9.0%)
  • Generic Dispensing Rate (GDR)
  • Low Back Pain (LBP) Imaging
  • Chlamydia Screening
WellStar Clinical Partners physician members who would like information about support and resources for reaching these quality goals are encouraged to contact [email protected].