Committed to transforming the health of our Georgia communities.
Pathway to high-value care

Accountable Care Organizations

95 percent of WCP members participate in an ACO that's nationally ranked for quality care and cost savings

Bundle Payment

Bend the cost curve while improving the quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries in our communities

Hospital Quality & Efficiency Program

Inpatient quality program in 11 WellStar hospitals showcases physician innovations in care pathways and best practices

Quality Initiatives & Metrics

Performance and reward parity for physicians fuels our team approach to care and mission to transform community health

Accountable Care Organization
Medicare and Commercial
  • 90 Percentile of well-coordinated care
  • 92% – Provider communication
  • 85% – Timely care appointments
  • The majority of our patients are seen within 14 days of discharge
  • Year after year improvement in quality scores
  • Latest ranking – 92%
  • Year after year decrease in total population spend

Well supported by Population Health Team and resources

Hospital Quality
& Efficiency Program
Quality Initiatives and Metrics