Board Committees
Finance & Contracting
A friendly headshot of Barry Mangel

Barry Mangel, MD

Committee Chair

Oversee the budgetary and fiduciary matters of the organization in our process and efforts to fulfill the vision and mission

Collaborate with managed care to participate in high-value contracts and value-based programs

Quality, Population Health & Informatics
Enhance population health standards through supportive programs, technology and performance improvement strategies for health services across the continuum of care

Institute standard metrics to measure baseline performance and progress as well as drive utilization of best practice clinical protocols/guidelines

Secure data infrastructure and processes for collecting, sharing, monitoring, and analyzing quality data in our process
Roderick Rhyant MD

Roderick Rhyant, MD

Committee Chair

Provider Network
A friendly headshot of Brett Cannon

Brett Cannon, MD

Committee Chair

Secure network membership conformity with the WCP Operating Agreement and bylaws requirements
Promote and maintain the fulfillment of every member
Ensure that members have high-value assets and tools to be successful
Engage and onboard new members
Provide a high-quality means of communication with membership
Strategy, Governance & Ethics
Assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to short- and long-term strategy and high-value assets and programs
Thoroughly vet risks and opportunities relating to such strategy, and strategic decisions regarding investments, growth, recruitment and retention
Regular evaluation of market position, potential threats and opportunities
Ed Richardson

Ed Richardson

Committee Chair