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Pathways to Success
Achieving Quadruple Aim Success
Join us as we continue the journey toward the Quadruple Aim through our Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and other products. Our past success is a strong indicator of the success we can achieve with the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Pathways to Success Program. Providing services to an average of 43,000 Medicare beneficiaries annually, Wellstar Clinical Partners Medicare ACO has generated shared savings four out the five years as participants in Medicare Shared Savings Plan (MSSP).
Program Overview

CMS Pathways to Success is a new five-year program designed to bring greater value to patients while rewarding participating providers.

Effective January 1, 2020, the CMS Pathways to Success program will replace the former MSSP program and introduce a risk acceptance glide path to further encourage the delivery of high value and quality care to Medicare beneficiaries.

The program includes a five-year participation period where the shared savings upside opportunity remains fixed at a maximum of 10% of the ACO’s annual expenditures during years one through five. There is no downside risk for the first year. Downside risk begins in year two, limited to 1% of the ACOs annual expenditures. In year three, the downside risk increases to 2% followed by 4% in years four and five. Participants can make annual decisions to continue with the program.

ACO Information

Name and Location

Wellstar Clinical Partners Medicare ACO, LLC
793 Sawyer Road
Marietta, GA 30062

Primary Contact

  • Akstein Eye Center
  • American Foot & Leg Specialists, PC
  • Apex Medical Center
  • Atlanta Center for Dermatologic Diseases PC
  • Atlanta Clinical Research Centers LLC
  • Atlanta Family Physicians
  • Atlanta Kidney and Hypertension Associates
  • Atlanta Kidney Specialists LLC
  • Atlanta Lung Specialists, PC
  • Atlanta Psychiatry & Neurology
  • Atlanta South Nephrology, PC
  • Atlanta Urological Group, PC
  • Atlanta West Dermatology, PC
  • Babatunde Fariyike, MD, LLC
  • Barrack Spine and Joint Medicine, Inc.
  • Barrett Parkway Foot and Leg
  • Bernard Orewa
  • Blatt Eye Center, PC
  • Bridgemill Neurological Associates, PC
  • C.B. Reddy MD PC
  • Cardiology Associates of Atlanta, PC
  • Center for Allergy & Asthma of Georgia PC
  • Center for Spine Interventions, PC
  • Classicare Medical Consult PC, Inc
  • Cobb Hospital Inc
  • Cobb Internal Medicine Associates
  • Cobb Nephrology Hypertension Associates, PC
  • Cobb Women’s Health, PA
  • Corey Patrick Harkins
  • Covenant Pulmonary Critical Care Inc
  • Craniospinal Institute of Georgia
  • Crawford Plastic Surgery
  • Dhiraj A Patel, MD
  • Dinesh K. Bhatia, MD
  • Douglas Hospital, Inc
  • Douglas Women’s Center PC
  • Douglasville Eye Clinic PC
  • Douglasville Nephrology & HTN Clinic
  • Dr. Wendy Giles
  • East Cobb Foot & Ankle Care PC
  • Elizabeth George, MD, PC
  • Essential Medical Care
  • Family Medical Center PC
  • Feng’s Medical & Neurological Clinic
  • Gastrointestinal Specialist of Georgia
  • Georgia Anesthesiologists, PC
  • Georgia Blue Foot and Ankle, LLC
  • Georgia Emergency Group LLC
  • George Eye Specialists
  • Georgia Gynecology
  • Georgia Imaging Associates PC
  • Georgia Kidney Associates, Inc.
  • Georgia Pain and Spine Solutions, PC
  • Georgia Podiatry, Inc
  • Georgia Radiology Services, LLC
  • Grace Medical Clinic
  • Grace Medical Practice Ltd.
  • Guo’s Medical Clinic, LLC
  • Gynecology Issues
  • Healthwise Internal Medicine
  • Hyperbaric Physicians of Georgia
  • Irshad Syed MD LLC
  • J. Michael Petway, MD, PC
  • James B Depew MD PC
  • James K. Fortson, MD, PC
  • Jasmine Jeffers, MD, LLC
  • Javaid Sayeed
  • Jeremy Meisel MD LLC
  • Joseph M Still Burn Centers Inc
  • Kamlesh D. Nayak, MD, PC
  • Kennesaw Mountain Medical Group
  • Kennestone Hospital Inc.
  • Kiritkumar J. Shah, MD, PC
  • LaGrange Emergency Physicians, LLC
  • LaGrange Internal Medicine, PC
  • Lotus Vision LLC
  • M. Ramzy Hajmurad, MD, PC
  • Mahaveer Vakharia MD PC
  • Mak Anesthesia Holdings, LLC
  • Maldonado & Moreno, PC
  • Marietta Eye Clinic, PA
  • Marietta Medical Group
  • Marietta OB/GYN Affiliates, P.A.
  • Marietta Podiatry Group
  • Marietta Rheumatology Associates, PC
  • Mark A. Crump, MD, PC
  • Medical Care of LaGrange, LLC
  • Mediclinic of Georgia PC
  • Metro Nephrology, Inc
  • MetroDerm, PC
  • Michael Biddle
  • Michael Petrosky
  • Mina C. Nayak, MD
  • Multispecialty Services, LLC
  • Norman I Kornblatt
  • North Atlanta Primary Care, PC
  • North Fulton Emergency Physicians, LLC
  • North Georgia Kidney Specialists, LLC
  • Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers, PC
  • Northwest Neurology, PC
  • Omolara B. Kuteyi MD, Inc
  • Orthopaedic Solutions, PC
  • Orthopaedics of Atlanta, PC
  • Patricia Lloyd
  • Paulding Medical Center, Inc.
  • Peachland Nephrology & Hypertension, PC
  • Personal Concierge MD, LLC
  • Physician Pain Care, PC
  • Pinnacle Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
  • Podiatry Group of Georgia, Inc
  • Polaris Medical Group
  • Providence Rd Primary Care LLC
  • Quantum Radiology PC
  • Rausch Family Practice
  • Resurgens, PC
  • Richard W King Jr
  • Robert T Goetzinger MD PC
  • Sam Peng MD PC
  • Shelton Hospitalists Group, LLC
  • Smyrna Medical Associates, PC
  • South Atlanta Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates
  • South Atlanta Pulmonary Group
  • South Fulton Emergency Physicians, LLC
  • Southeast Podiatry
  • Southern Nephrology Clinic LLC
  • Spilker Medical, LLC
  • St. Jude’s Internal Medicine, LLC
  • Sumner Neurology Associates, PLLC
  • Surgical Arts, PC
  • The Bortolazzo Group, LLC
  • The Breast Center PC
  • Vascular Surgical Associates, PC
  • We Care MD, PC
  • Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center Inc
  • Wellstar Community Hospice, LLC
  • Wellstar Home Health, LLC
  • Wellstar Medical Group, LLC
  • Wellstar North Fulton Hospital Inc
  • Wellstar Spalding Regional Hospital Inc
  • Wellstar Sylvan Grove Hospital Inc
  • West Atlanta OB-GYN Inc
  • West Georgia Infectious Diseases
  • West Georgia Medical Center, Inc
  • William E Snell DO PC
  • William Tung MD PC

Governing Body

Clinical and Administrative Leadership
Barbara Corey ACO Executive
Chirag Patel, MD Medical Director
Beth Kost Compliance Officer
Dori Ledford Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer
Associated Committees and Committee Leadership
Quality & Operations Committee
James Fisher, MD Chair

Finance Committee
Pamela Weigandt, MD Chair

Network Committee
Charles Craton, MD Chair

Patient Experience Committee
Steven Oweida, MD Chair

Governance and Strategy Committee
John Brennan, MD Co-Chair

Types of ACO participants, or combinations of participants, that formed the ACO:

Partnerships or joint venture arrangements between hospitals and ACO professionals.

Shared Savings and Losses

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses
  • First Agreement Period
    • Performance Year 2020, N/A
Shared Savings Distribution
  • First Agreement Period
    • Performance Year 2020
      • Proportion invested in infrastructure: N/A
      • Proportion invested in redesigned care processes/resources: N/A
      • Proportion of distribution to ACO participants: N/A

Quality Performance Results

2018 Quality Performance Results: N/A
For previous years’ Financial and Quality Performance Results, please visit the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
Payment Rule Waivers

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) 3-day Rule Waiver:

  • No, our ACO does not use the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver, pursuant to 42 CFR 425.612.

Waiver for Payment for Telehealth Services:

  • No, our ACO clinicians do not provide telehealth services using the flexibilities under 42 CFR 425.612(f) and 42 CFR 425.613.

Physician Led

Clinically-integrated leadership in your community


Analytics and data-driven support for the success of your practice


Participation in other payor agreements and care strategies


Gain advantages from shared ACO MIPs scoring and strategic exemptions

Why consider a value-based venture?
5-year program designed to deliver greater value to patients while rewarding participating providers for high-quality care
WellStar Clinical Partners membership required for all ACO participants
Offers gradual introduction to a value-based reimbursement model with risk acceptance. No downside risk in year 1. Incremental risk and reward for years 2-5.
As a strategic partner, WellStar will assume most of the risk
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