Network Spotlight:
Charles Craton, M.D.

Charles Craton, M.D. has been a leading voice in the pursuit of clinical integration since before the inception of WellStar Clinical Partners.
Dr. Craton
Interoperability Hardship Application

Promoting Interoperability Hardship Application

With the emphasis on flexibility and ease of data exchange, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) renamed the Advancing Care Information (ACI) to Promoting Interoperability (PI). WHN practices have raised concerns over challenges in reporting this category. The score of each practice affects the score for the ACO. A low score or failure to submit will lower the overall score for WHN and all participants.

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CIGNA CAC Program Quality Measure

Cigna: Physician Effort Yields Promising Results

WellStar has been participating in the Cigna Collaborative Care initiative for approximately six months and there are some key important factors to report. The program’s goals are tied to better managing patients who are complex and chronically ill, engaging in proactive preventative health screening, closing critical gaps in care and addressing over-utilizing patterns.

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